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You're Not The Things They Told You Way Back Then

You're So Much More Than Ideas In Your Head

4/18/07 12:33 am


3/25/07 12:50 am

i just realized
that i am unhappy.

3/23/07 03:52 am

im sorry to the people that get angry when i talk about religion
i never meant to make anyone angry i just wanted my opinion known

i think that ive basically decided that if God does exist
then im very angry with him and if he doesnt exist
it just makes everything make more sence

im just honestly so angry about it that i dont know nay other way to vent about it then bash peoples beliefs
i guess its because i want them to feel as shitty as as i feel and as ive felt in the past
even if themselves personally have never done anything to me
i still just look down on them alot
and i want them to suffer just a little bit

this is just something that ive just never been able to forgive and forget
maybe i will be able to one day butt as for now

i really cant help it
i have no reason to want be be able to help it

so i guess this is an apology and an explination

i may not be right in any way shape or form
but thats how i feel

2/5/07 12:53 am

i am incredibly desperate for something unfamiliar
i just drove for 2 hours with absolutely no destination
and i didnt think about anything
i have just been so emotionless the past two weeks
its starting to get to me

1/26/07 12:21 am

my nephew said the most beautiful simple thing to me tonight
we walked outside at my sisters
mind you she lives in the middle of nowhere
we walked outside
and i pointed to the sky and said "whats that"
and he responded "the moon"
and i said "what are those beside it"  talking about the stars
and he responded
"fireworks silly"
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